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Gift card

Pleasure to offer a good present...

Cartes cadeau

The tendency is in the gift box, it is an obvious fact and everybody speaks about it.... 
I propose you directly from the good personalized presents which correspond to the service. 
That you will beforehand have chosen as your dinner guests with the message of your choice, 
According to your budget, according to your desires and for all the opportunities... 
Birthday, marriage, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandmothers' Day, Christmas, 
St Valentin, moving, promotion...

Vouchers are valid on 1 year from the sending, payable beforehand

*Clauses contract employees:
Our special offers are not accumulative enter they.
After compulsory reservation by the holder, being the object of a separate contract, the good present establishes a claim for the payment during the reservation
He is usable as equivalent in a means of payment and allows to settle(adjust) a stay within the limits of the listed services(performances). The good present possesses a unique(only) reference allowing the identification of the services(performances), its date of validity and its use. He(it) is usable only only once and it within the limits of his(her,its) date of validity. A stay obtained with this good present can be the object of no discount.
The good present can give rise to no monetary counterparty(compensation) in any form whatsoever, totally or partially, including the depiction of currency(change), or to be carried(worn) on the credit of an associated account or not in a card of payment or credit.
The good present is not name specific, it is bearer. We would be be held responsible for the loss or for the flight(theft) of this good present.



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